Cutthroat is a must-read for any physician—from residency to retirement—or patient who wants to learn about the inner workings and faults of the healthcare system.”

—J. Michael Bennett, MD, Board-certified orthopedic surgeon

Cutthroat is an intense behind-the-scenes look at the systematic breakdown of the world’s best healthcare system and how physicians are the key to its rescue.”

—Bertrand J. Brown, MD, Anesthesiologist

“Cutthroat should be required reading during residency to help young physicians avoid the wolves in the business world who prey on unsuspecting doctors.”

—Michael S. Mckee, MD, Board-certified specialist in interventional pain management

Cutthroat is an eye-opening book for the provider’s side of the healthcare circle. Insurance companies are not our friends. The public needs to know the truth, and Dr. Cyr has told it like it is.”

—Brian W. Zale, DPM, FACFAS, Board-certified foot and ankle surgeon

Cutthroat reveals the devilish triad of corrupt businessmen, dictatorial insurance companies, and ridiculous governmental regulations that prompts one to ask why anyone would still want to be a doctor.”

Salvatore Barbaro III, MD, Cardiologist

“As the former CEO of a multibillion-dollar NYSE healthcare company, I found Cutthroat to be an insightful portrayal of the corruption and brokenness of America’s healthcare system. Dr. Cyr’s story is both fascinating and inspiring.”

—Richard M. Scrushy, Founder and former chairman and CEO of HealthSouth Corporation

Cutthroat is a critical look at the business of medicine as well as a heartfelt odyssey of family and faith.”

—Tim Weitz, JD, CAE, Former general counsel for the Texas Medical Board

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